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Amber Hardy

CEO & IT room lead

As our CEO and Infant/Toddler room lead, Amber is committed to helping children explore and learn in a hands-on environment. Amber has completed 3 years of university and is working towards her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, and has 8 years experience in the field.

She has 2 children, one with Autism, and one with Cerebral Palsy, she has a special knack for making all children feel special, loved, and included. All children are Amber's pride and joy and they hold a special place in Amber's heart. In her down time she enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, and anything outdoors.

Katie Schaffer

Early Childhood Educator Assistant

             Infant/Toddler room

Katie has been in the childcare field for 20 years, and has experience as a birth and post partum doula. Her caring attitude and love for all people has helped her greatly to succeed as a doula and in the childcare field.

Katie is married with 2 young twin boys of her own that keep her on her toes and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Katie joined the childcare field to ensure parents had a safe place for their children to go, where they knew that their children were getting the utmost best care. She strives on parents knowing that their children are being loved and nurtured.

When not working at the centre Katie enjoys crafting, going on adventures and large get togethers with all of her family and extended family.

Katie is very excited to get to know all of the children and families attending River City Early Learning Centre, and we are honoured to have her.

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